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Oak Grove School District Board Policies relating to student health:


Lice Policy
Medication Policy
Immunization Policy
Allergy Policy 

Elementary School Forms:


Medication Forms: Please remember that students are not allowed to bring the medication to/from school themselves. An adult must bring in all medication and pick it up again at the end of the year.

Prescription Medication Permit: One form per medication that your child needs to take at school (either scheduled or just as needed). All prescriptions are required to have the original pharmacy label that is dated within the past year.

Over the Counter Medication Permit : Some medications may be given from our school supply if you signed the online permit during enrollment. These include acetaminophen, ibuprofen, TUMS, chloraseptic throat spray, and allergy eye drops. For any other over the counter medication that your child might need to take at school, please use this form. Please remember it will be given according to package directions. Medication should be brought in a sealed box or bottle.

Emergency Medication Opt Out: The school district has orders from a physician to be able to give albuterol nebulizer treatments and epinephrine injections (Epi-Pen) to anyone who may be having a medical emergency. This form is if you wish to opt out for your student.

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