Lice Resources

Lice is always a hot topic. Everyone should be checking their children weekly. That way if anything is found, it is easier to treat while it is a small problem instead of a large infestation. Here are a few facts and tips about the little buggers!

  •     Lice cannot jump or fly. They only crawl.
  •         Lice can affect anyone no matter how clean or dirty, your race, your age, or your gender. However, they are more common in school-aged children and preschoolers.
  •         You cannot get any diseases from lice, they are just a nuisance.
  •         The District has a “Live Lice Only” policy. This means that children are not excluded from school for having nits, only for live lice. If your child is found to have live lice, they need to stay home for 24 hours to allow for treatment.
  •         You can only get lice from another live lice bug. Nits (or eggs) are glued to the hair and are not contagious.
  •         Lice die within 24-48 hours of falling off a head.
  •         Not everyone who has lice will have an itchy head.
  •         Lice can only live on human heads, not pets, furniture, or other objects for longer than a day.
  •         Though it might seem embarrassing, telling people you are in contact with that your child had lice is important step in stopping the spread.


If someone in your family does get lice, it is very important to check everyone. Then treat with the treatment of your choice. Most treatment require at least 2 doses to be effective, so follow the box directions carefully. Also follow directions as to if hair should be wet/dry, comb before/after the shampoo, etc. The combing is the most important part. After treating, combing should be done for 2 weeks. Here is a link to a good video demonstrating how to effectively comb. 

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